New Blink 182 Material To Be Influenced By Boxcar Racer, Hints Delonge

Tom Delonge has been making the most of his social networks recently, much to the delight of his fans all over the world. The lastest gem to emerge from his Instagram came in the from of a hint towards the vibe of their upcoming album, with Delonge tipping the hat to Boxcar Racer.

Delonge has posted a picture of the well known silhouette featured on the Boxcar Racer self-titled debut and only release, paired with the caption “The new Blink record has a bit of old and new…” The album follows very closely in the footsteps of their previous release Neighbours. With the band in town for Soundwave 2013, Aussie fans can expect to be some of the first in the world to sample the bands new goods.

All you die hard Blink fans will remember the days of Boxcar Racer, Tom and Travis’s fuck you to Mark (prior to when he busied himself with +44) that lastest about 1 album, albiet it one totally awesome album. The band drew many parallels to Blink 182, despite their content has being described as ‘not blink-friendly’.

We also know that the album will be released independently of long term record label Interscope.

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