The New Coldplay & Beyonce Music Video Is Raising Some Eyebrows

Coldplay have only just released the music video for their new Beyoncé collab, Hymn For The Weekend but it’s already sparked its fair share of controversy.

The clip – which was largely filmed in Mumbai – casts Queen Bey as a Bollywood actress who appears in the clip wearing, at times, what seems to be traditional Desi clothing.

Although the video also features actual Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor, internet commentators have been quick to cry “cultural appropriation!” taking aim at Bey and Coldplay for exploiting Indian culture for their own profit.

It’s a debate that continues to rage in the music world – the question of whether or not adopting another culture’s dress or style is OK, particularly when said dress or style has ties to deep religious beliefs.

Similar accusations have been levelled at popstars such as Lily Allen, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus in recent times.

The sensitive issue also led the international Glastonbury festival to ban the wearing of Native American headdresses for those who aren’t actually Native American.

Neither Coldplay nor Beyonce has publicly commented on their own controversy at this time.

Meanwhile, the pair are set to take the stage together in just over a week to perform at the annual Superbowl halftime show.

Check out their video Hymn For The Weekend, as well as some of the things that the internet has been saying about it (via The Telegraph) below.

Watch: Coldplay Feat. Beyoncé – Hymn For The Weekend



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