New Online Music Site Indiemunity Begin Operations

Designed so that the artists can keep 100% of their sales revenue, new online music community Indiemunity have just started up business, with swathes of songwriters and artists joining up to spread the wares. Unlike sites such as Bandcamp, where a percentage of song sales is recouped by the website in exchange for the service of hosting and helping to distribute the music, Indiemunity is based around advertising revenue, with the artists themselves maintaining 100% of the profits taken from their music.

As the name would suggest, the site is about supporting independent songwriters and musicians, with the aim of making the music industry that little bit less cut-throat and that little bit more community minded. The way the site works is that artists can purchase ads on the home page, which appear as featured artist posts where visitors can listen to your music. The ads are sold on a bid basis whereby whoever bids the most gets put at the top of the rotation of ads that cycle through on the front of the site with the site also offering free ads to fill in any unused space.

You can visit the site to find out more information.

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