New Petition Calls For Sydney Venues To Be Protected From Noise Complaints

A new petition is calling for the New South Wales Government to pass new laws to protect Sydney music venues from noise complaints.

The petition, created by Sydney musician Siobhan Poynton, notes that Victoria implemented Agent Of Change laws to protect venues from noise complaints in September 2014. The petition calls for similar laws to now be brought to New South Wales.

The petition’s very short official letter — which is addressed to “Newtown Noise Complainers” and not the State Government — reads: “We are calling on the government to pass laws that protect our venues from new residents and noise complainers.”

Referring specially to the suburb of Newtown, the petition says the area “was built around artists, live music, queer culture and alternative spaces. We can not let people shut us down, shut us up, and shut us out. Newtown is too good to lose”.

The petition also refers to reports of noise complaints being filed against Sydney venues like The Imperial Hotel, The Annandale Hotel and The Hopetoun Hotel in making its case for the new laws.

Victoria’s Agent Of Change laws protect venues from noise complaints by new residential developments. Since the laws were put in place, Melbourne has been named one of the world’s leading music cities.

Sydney’s controversial lockout laws, on the other hand, has contributed to the closing of multiple venues, with punters moving increasingly to venues in the inner-west.

At the time of writing, Ms Poynton’s petition on the website has gathered more than 2,300 signatures over the last three days.

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