Frankie’s Pizza Releases Statement Confirming Venue Will Be Demolished By NSW Government

After surviving the lockout laws, alcohol restrictions, noise complaints and the global pandemic, Sydney’s iconic rock n’ roll den Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice will now be demolished to make way for the NSW Government’s new metro train line.

News of the cultural tragedy broke over the weekend, with SMH reporting the beloved live music venue would be wiped out to make room for a new Metro West line station at Hunter Street.

Now, the venue has issued its own statement on social media confirming the news, in a post entitled “FRANKIE’S FATE UPDATE”.

It reads:

“The press released to date has only had very limited information (of varying integrity) to draw from, so we thought it best to make a concise statement on our position ourselves.

The long and short is this; Frankie’s Pizza as we know it will be demolished, we have AT LEAST a year left to party though, and that we will. Big time. We are taking this opportunity to push all of our energy and resources into making more memories with our beloved Sydney, it’s people and it’s visitors, while we still can! We are adding more bands, more bills, big events, collaborations, and all the late night revelry you would expect from one of the world’s great Rock & Roll institutions, right up til’ the fat lady dies.

Who is with us!?


Notably, the Frankie’s crew haven’t said anything relating to Transport Minister Andrew Constance’s claims to SMH that the government will be helping Frankie’s find another location, only mentioning the press to date has contained “limited information (of varying integrity)”.

We’ll keep you up to date on any more news as it develops.

Until then, we’ll be in the fun room downing a few tequila & apple’s.

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