Nicholas Braun, (Greg From ‘Succession’) Shares Pandemic-Inspired Pop-Punk Banger ‘Antibodies’

Well then. Nicholas Braun – who may be familiar to you as Cousin Greg on HBO’s Succession – has shared a new, pandemic-themed pop-punk track titled ‘Antibodies (Do You Have The)’.

Do you have the antibodies? / Do you want to be with me?” sings Braun on the emo-lite chorus. “Do you have the antibodies? / ‘Cause if you don’t, you better stay away.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Braun commented that inspiration for the tongue-in-cheek track struck while feeling lonely, quarantined at a friend’s guest house in Los Angeles.

“My friends are a couple and they’ve been together for years, but I was back there sort of being like, ‘Man, I wish I had somebody right now to go through this with,’” Braun explained to the magazine.

“And so this girl and I were talking and we were like, ‘Maybe we should go meet up and go for a walk — with bandanas on.’ So I went on this quarantine date; it sort of felt secret because I didn’t want my friends to know. And I guess the combination of paranoia and romance is what the song is about.”

After reaching out to his Instagram followers, the actor received hundreds of fan interpretations. An Atlantic Records representative reached out and said that, while acknowledging the track was something of a joke, it was also rather catchy. Braun went on to record the track with producer Colin Brittain.

It’s all for a good cause, too – a portion of the proceeds will go to Cope and Partners in Health to support those affected by the pandemic – head here for more info on that.

Looking forward, Braun seemed optimistic about recording more music, saying he began writing songs around six years ago.

“I’ve just been very hesitant to put anything out. It’s always in the back of my head — making music. I’d love to perform, I’d love to tour. This is the first thing I’m officially putting out, but I love this song.”

Watch the video for ‘Antibodies’ below.

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