Nick Cave Announces New Bad Seeds Album For 2011

Nick Cave fans watch out. The Badseeds front man says there’ll be a new album out in 2011.

Currently doing the rounds with Grinderman in support of Grinderman 2, Cave pointed out while work hasn’t started yet, the plans are well and truly in place.

Speaking to ‘I haven’t written anything yet, but that’s not how I go about things anyway. I have the starting date for the next record and that’s when I go into the office and start it. I’m not doing that until I’ve finished the Grinderman tour, which is amazing. The band is something else.”

The article goes on to say that Cave will be working with Mick Harvey again on the album. Considering the quality of both Grinderman 2 and the Bad Seeds’ last offering Dig Lazarus, Dig!!! whomever involved it’s likely to be exciting.

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