Nick Cave Pro Legalisation Of Drugs

Multifaceted Australian artist Nick Cave has given his opinion on American drug policy during a recent interview with Spinner. While speaking with the site about the soon-to-be released film Lawless, for which Cave wrote the screenplay and provided the score, the Bad Seeds‘ frontman touched on the ineffectiveness of outlawing certain substances and mentioned that he was in favour of the legalisation of drugs.

“It doesn’t seem that the current policy with drugs works in America, or, well … anywhere. I’m not expressing the views of anyone else involved with the film, but I think drugs should be legal,” Cave told Spinner.

The comment came when parallels were drawn between the drug-related themes present in Lawless and the realities of drug prohibition in the United States. In another recent interview, Cave also gave his candid opinions on the gun culture of the US, claiming that pro-gun sentiment is so embedded in American society that it’s unlikely tighter gun control will ever become a reality.

“Guns are part of the American psyche, aren’t they?…This is collateral damage for having a Wild West mentality. It’s intrinsic to the American psyche. It’s never going to change,” Cave explained to the LA Times.

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