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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Announce Album W/ B-Sides & Rarities, Share Unreleased Track

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have announced they’re releasing a compilation of rare tracks and B-sides from 2006 to 2020. It comes with a never heard before track, ‘Vortex’.

It’s the second compilation of its kind. The new compilation will follow on from 2005’s B-Sides & Rarities Part I.

‘Vortex’ is a track from 2006.

“As the band were never able to define the song as either Grinderman or Bad Seeds, it remained unreleased,” revealed a media release for the song.

“I always liked the original B-Sides & Rarities more than any of our other albums,” said Cave in the statement.

“It’s the only one I’d listen to willingly. It seems more relaxed, even a bit nonsensical in places, but with some beautiful songs throughout.

“There is something, too, about the smallness of certain songs that is closer to their original spirit.”

“B-Sides & Rarities Part II continues this strange and beautiful collection of lost songs from The Bad Seeds,” says Cave.

“I love the final side of the last disc because it reveals the small and fragile beginnings of some of my favourite Bad Seeds songs.”

Fans can pre-order a limited edition vinyl box set here.

Catch the tracklisting for the release below.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ B-Sides & Rarities Part II Tracklisting

Due for release Friday, 22nd October

Songs with * are unreleased tracks

01. Hey Little Firing Squad

02. Fleeting Love

03. Accidents Will Happen

04. Free To Walk (With Debbie Harry)

05. Avalanche *

06. Vortex *

07. Needle Boy

08. Lightning Bolts

09. Animal X

10. Give Us a Kiss

11. Push The Sky Away (Live with The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra) *

12. First Skeleton Tree *

13. King Sized Nick Cave Blues *

14. Opium Eyes *

15. Big Dream (With Sky) *

16. Instrumental #33 *

17. Hell Villanelle *

18. Euthanasia *

19. Life Per Se *

20. Steve McQueen *

21. First Bright Horses *

22. First Girl in Amber *

23. Glacier *

24. Heart that Kills You *

25. First Waiting for You *

26. Sudden Song *

27. Earthlings

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