Nick Valensi From The Strokes Forms New Band, CRX

Nick Valensi of the The Strokes has started a brand spanking new side project called CRX.

The new group is a five-piece, with Valensi on guitar, Richie James Follin from Guards and Willowz also on guitar, drummer from The Dose Ralph Alexander, Jon Safely from The Reflections and LA based muso Darian Zahedi.

Up until this point, Valensi has been the only member of The Strokes not to have a side project ticking over. He was actually once quoted on the topic saying:

“I’m of the opinion that you’re in a band and that’s what you do. If there’s leftover material and time, then sure, by all means. But if you’re playing material that you haven’t even shown to your main band and you’re just sort of keeping it for yourself, I’m not a big fan of that.”

It seems he must have a little more time up his sleeve after the recent release of their last EP Future Present Past and that Splendour-only Australian show.

Although CRX are yet to release any actual music, they have already got the internet in a tiz, with the launch of a new website, spreading the word of their arrival via social media, as well as creating a super cool logo.

They have shows booked in the US starting in August and September, and literally just announced on Facebook that they will be the opening act for Beck’s US shows in September. Boom.

Photos: The Strokes – Splendour In The Grass 2016 / Photographed by Maria Boyadgis

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