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Nikki Webster Drops “2017” ‘Strawberry Kisses’ Music Video

Not content with just re-releasing a “2017” version of ‘Strawberry Kisses’, Nikki Webster has dropped a music video for her new version of the post-Sydney Olympics hit.

The opening-ceremony-golden-child-turned-dancer has teamed up with Channel 7‘s ‘Sunrise’ programme for the new clip, which features weatherman Sam Mac’s perfectly awkward rap verses, some dance moves from the original music video and some other more, well, adult ones.

In March this year, Webster released the “2017” version of ‘Strawberry Kisses’, which went on to raise thousands of dollars for the Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia .

“All the money raised — every cent — is going to this much needed charity for very worth [sic] families and children, so please donate if you haven’t yet,” Webster says.

“Couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing team on this project and so excited for the rest of the year. Stay tuned.”

Watch the new (and old) ‘Strawberry Kisses’ music videos below, and download the “2017” version of the song right here.

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