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Nikki Webster Has Recorded A “2017” Version Of ‘Strawberry Kisses’ Feat. Sunrise Weatherman Sam Mac

Those of you who’ve been missing Nikki Webster‘s ‘Strawberry Kisses’ since 2001 are getting hit with a bloody punnet of them this month.

Not only did the Sydney Olympics-spawned teen pop sensation re-materialise as a grown-up on Seven’s Sunrise just weeks ago to belt out her ARIA #2 hit with the whole crew atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge (which was pretty amazing TBH), she’s now recorded a new “2017” version of the vintage pop hit with Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac.

The whole thing is tongue-in-cheek of course, with Webster taking to Facebook to reveal that the pair’s latest stunt is all in the spirit of charity.

“Would really love as much support as we can get if you could jump on iTunes and purchase the track to raise money for a wonderful charity Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia all proceeds are going to the kids!!!” the 29-year-old business entrepreneur posted on her dance school’s official Facebook page.

“Once again thank you all it wouldn’t have been possible without your support and all your comments reminiscing back in 2001!! Thanks Sunrise and of course the amazing Sam Mac for everything so far – let’s all have fun together with this track x.”

The revamped tune features Mac singing along with Webster and chucking in some random cringe-worthy raps, while Webster’s vocals are totally au naturel — no autotune in sight.

In conclusion, it’s so bad it’s good. Give it a listen and party like it’s So Fresh: The Hits of Summer 2002 or download it here.

UPDATE 18/04/17: Nikki Webster Drops “2017” ‘Strawberry Kisses’ Music Video

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