Nine Inch Nails Have Sent Their Fans Mysterious Black Powder In The Mail

Mysterious black powder is the kind of thing that customs usually stops from being sent to your door but Nine Inch Nails have managed to send it to their fans.

Their surprise EP Not The Actual Events was released last year with fans given the chance the purchase a physical component. Those fans are now receiving it in the mail and it’s probably not exactly what they expected.

A label on the package warns that, “this will make a mess,” and also says it may be, “harmful or unsettling to the consumer.”

Inside, there are a number of cards which seem to be covered with black powder. Fans are posting pictures of Twitter of their hands after opening and, as warned, it looks pretty messy.

There’s some very cryptic writing inside too which could either mean there’s something to be discovered or simply that Trent Reznor just wanted to confuse people.

Check out fans’ tweets about the package below.

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