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’90s Aussie Chart-Toppers Girlfriend Are Getting Back Together After 25 Years

Get ready to party like it’s 1992 because in this week’s instalment of nineties nostalgia, homegrown girl group Girlfriend are reuniting to toast the 25th anniversary of their Aussie chart-topper ‘Take It From Me’.

The five-gal pop sorority were ~kind of a big deal~ in the early nineties, coining the term “girl power” four years before the Spice Girls (in their hit ‘Girl’s Life’) and notching up four ARIA top 50 singles from their debut album Make It Come True.

Yep, they even had their own fashion line before celebrity fashion lines were a thing, cashing in on the puffy rainbow explosion that was early nineties FASHUN.

Frontwoman Robyn Loau broke the news on Instagram, posting: “Livin’ a girls life’- we finally caught up with Mel! 25th anniversary/ reunion, yep it’s happening #takeitfromme #girlfriend.”

And she’s since spilled more beans to News Corp, adding: “It’s been tricky to organise because we all live in different parts of the country. It’d been at least 10 years since I’ve sat down with them all face-to-face. But it was a gorgeous reunion.

“Everybody’s great. Most of them are mothers and married, they’ve ventured into other directions. Siobhánn is a successful interior designer, Jacqui is a drama teacher, Mel has a successful video production company and Lorinda has her hands full with two very young kids.”

She continues: “I know Siobhánn and Jacqui are ready to finally get their opportunity to sing a solo, which was a cause for a lot of tension in the band back in the day. Now, we are going to give everyone a shot.

“I remember in the early ’90s we met with a big pop manager in the UK who went off to put together the Spice Girls. I’m not sure how much of meeting us was his blueprint for the Spice Girls. It was interesting they all had a very certain role, which Girlfriend had also.

“I feel as though we were pioneers, even if we were unaware of it at the time.”

No word on whether their big reunion performance will include a full tour or new music, but hold on to your giant flower hats because we’re bound to find out soon.

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