No Devotion’s Geoff Rickly Has Been Poisoned And Robbed In Germany

Wow, seems like karma owes Geoff Rickly a lottery win to make up for all the shitty luck he’s copped of late. The former Thursday vocalist and current frontman of No Devotion – the band he formed with the former non-Ian Watkins members of Lostprophets – has apparently been robbed and poisoned outside a venue in Germany.

No Devotion were forced to cancel their appearance at Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival after the incident on Friday (25th September), which saw the hardcore singer hospitalised.

As Alt Press points out, these sorts of crimes (poisoning a person’s drink and then waiting for the effects to kick, in order to rob them) are reported pretty frequently in Germany.

And Rickly informed fans about his own terrifying ordeal via an oddly nonchalant Instagram post:

It’s the latest in a run of bad luck for the No Devotion singer, whose indie punk record label, Collect Records, was recently drawn in to the whole AIDS medication price hike scandal in the US.

Although the label officially severed ties with key investor Martin Shkreli, a.k.a. the mega-douche responsible for the outrageous 5,000% price-gouge on the life-saving medication, Rickly has since admitted that it’s likely the move will lead to the label’s financial collapse.

And all of this comes, of course, after he was mugged at gunpoint in New York City back in 2013.

Poor Geoff. Send him some love by checking out No Devotion’s latest single, Addition, below.

Watch: No Devotion – Addition

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