Northlane Split With Vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes

Northlane have taken to their official Facebook page to announce that vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes has left the group. According to a statement from the Blacktown outfit, Fitipaldes is departing on amicable terms, having “found the wear and tear of Northlane and our schedule to be too stressful towards his health”.

“It is with regret that we announce that Adrian Fitipaldes has decided to leave Northlane and will no longer be our vocalist moving forward,” write the band. “Adrian has been a part of Northlane since our inception, but has chosen not to continue on with the band.” They insist all upcoming dates will go on “as planned”, either with a fill-in vocalist or a new member, and they will continue working on a new album for next year.

“Unfortunately, Adrian had found the wear and tear of Northlane and our schedule to be too stressful towards his health, both physically and mentally,” they explain. “What we do is not easy, it takes huge amounts of hard work and dedication, and we respect Adrian for doing what was right for him personally.”

The band assure fans that the remaining members will continue with the band. “This is our lives, and our dream,” they write. “We’ve achieved way too much so far to ever consider stopping now. As such, we will continue on with the same passion and dedication that we have put into our band since its inception.”

“We know this news might be upsetting, and it might be a shock but we want to thank you for sticking by us in this tough time,” they add. “All of the amazing opportunities that being in band has granted us are because of all the love and support that you amazing people all around the world have shown us.”

According to the New South Wales metalcore outfit, a statement from Fitipaldes will be posted to the Northlane Facebook “in the coming days”. The band write that they still intend on releasing a new single by the end of the year and are currently searching for a new vocalist and are accepting submissions.

Read the full statement from Northlane below.

Photos: Northlane – Big Day Out 2014, Melbourne 24/01/14

Photos by Anwar Rizk

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