NSW Health Apologises To Delta Goodrem Over Image Use On Instagram Post

Delta Goodrem took aim at NSW Health earlier this week, in response to a GIF of the singer posted on an Instagram story encouraging people to get their booster shots.

While on paper the post appeared harmless in question, the GIF featured several needles pointing towards Goodrem’s head and was slapped over a response to an Insta Q&A on the efficacy of a 3rd dose.

“I have a HUGE problem with this @newsouthwaleshealth are you serious????????” replied Goodrem via her own story.

“Needles pointing at a picture of my head in an attempt to get your point across is disturbing!!!!!!”

While it appears to have been a case of everyday instagraming with a slightly dark twist, NSW host has responded to Goodrem’s repost, noting h=they made an “error of judgment.”

“NSW Health was attempting to convey an important public health message but recognises it made an error of judgment and sincerely regrets the offense caused to Delta Goodrem,” a NSW Health spokesperson said in a statement.
They added: “The message has now been removed by NSW Health.”

Regardless of the faux pas, Goodrem has had a laugh about the connection between her birth name and the Delta strain of COVID, joking on a Sunrise appearance that “I don’t want to hear about this terrible Delta, get rid of her, get rid of her, I was here first!”

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