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This Nu-Metal ‘Suicide Squad’ Parody Trailer Has Fans Fuming

Batman has a very strong following of dedicated fans so it’s understandable that tensions are going to reach fever-pitch when they’re waiting on something like the official Suicide Squad trailer.

That’s why fans have basically lost it over Nerdist‘s nu-metal themed parody, dropped earlier this week, which had many people thinking it was the real trailer when they were digging around YouTube for a sneak-peak of the film.

If you’re not emotionally invested in Suicide Squad, you’ll probably see the humour in this nu-metal themed trailer which features a Korn t-shirt, a discman and plenty of “siiiiick” exclamations. Batman even makes an appearance to accuse the squad of keying his car.

The parody has had over 1.5 million views and amassed around 10,000 dislikes, compared to its 6,000 likes. The comments range from “I feel cheated. I would have been happier if I’d been Rick Rolled,” to “people are all butt hurt over some extremely trivial thing.”

No doubt tensions will be relieved a little now that Suicide Squad director David Ayer has unleashed the actual trailer for the movie. It’s a little more serious than the parody with significantly less nu-metal references, obviously.

Watch: Suicide Squad (un)-Official Trailer

Watch: Suicide Squad Official Trailer

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