Watch Will Smith Rap ‘Miami’ At A ‘Suicide Squad’ Launch Party

Will Smith may have spent significantly more time acting in Hollywood blockbusters than making music over the past couple of decades, but it would be impossible to forget what a massive hip-hop force he was in the early years of his career.

Earlier this year he reminded everyone of his timeless talent, when he crashed his daughter Willow Smith’s set at The Roots’ annual picnic in Philadelphia to perform his hit Summertime.

Now, at a Warner Bros-hosted launch party ahead of the release of the latest DC Comics film Suicide Squad, Smith has again turned back the clock as he took to the stage with some of his co-stars to perform his 1998 hit Miami.

Smith’s co-stars Karen Fukuhara, Jay Hernandez and our very own Margot Robbie joined him on stage and started grooving alongside the Fresh Prince, as he spat fire and had the crowd going nuts with his trademark stage charisma.

Suicide Squad is set to be released in Australia on Thursday, 4th August.

Watch: Will Smith Performs Miami @ ‘Suicide Squad’ Party

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