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Ocean Alley Offer Pink Floyd ‘Breathe’, ‘Comfortably Numb’, ‘Money’ Medley For Triple J Like A Version

Ocean Alley have delivered the goods for this week’s Like A Version. It’s a super special Pink Floyd medley that swings seamlessly through ‘Breathe (In The Air)’, ‘Comfortably Numb’, and ‘Money’.

In their Behind the Like A Version interview, Mitch and Lach Galbraith explain that the band and their parents are all huge Pink Floyd fans.

“‘Comfortably Numb’ and ‘Breathe’ sat really well together,” said Lach. “Kind of like the keys all matched and they just all flowed between each other really nicely.”

Because the medley of those two songs wasn’t quite long enough, Lach decided they’d chuck ‘Money’ on the end.

“And it worked out a treat, so yeah,” says Lach.

“What we really wanted to nail as well was the changes between the songs,” he said.

“If we had it too stagnant or too abrupt, it would have felt like we just threw a song in there.”

Job well done, guys.

The six-piece also gave us a rendition of their own single ‘Tombstone’. It’s taken from their 2020 album Lonely Diamond.

Ocean Alley covered ‘Baby Come Back’ for Like A Version back in 2018.

Catch their Pink Floyd medley, ‘Tombstone’ performance, and their Behind the Like A Version interview below.

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