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Ocean Alley Release New Single ‘Deepest Darkness’

Ocean Alley are back with the new single and music video, ‘Deepest Darkness’. It’s the Northern Beaches sextet’s first single of 2022 and follows last year’s ‘Touch Back Down’.

‘Deepest Darkness’ arrives a couple of weeks after Ocean Alley were announced on the lineups for Lost Paradise and Falls Festival over the 2022/23 New Year’s period. ‘Deepest Darkness’ is an alt-rock slow burner with a cresting chorus. It’s one of Ocean Alley’s most dynamically intense releases to date.

“This song is about being so deeply in love with someone and realising how important their support can be to you that you literally go through the deepest and darkest times together, and that unity makes you so much stronger,” said Ocean Alley front person, Baden Donegal.

Ocean Alley began 2022 with a 12-date Australian tour, selling more than 35,000 tickets around the country. They recently travelled to the UK and New Zealand and played shows at the Roundhouse in London and Spark Arena in Auckland. The band’s next stop is North America.

Regarding the contrast between ‘Deepest Darkness’ and Ocean Alley’s previous single, guitarist Mitch Galbraith said, “It’s obviously a very different feeling to ‘Touch Back Down’, which is uplifting and playful, whereas ’Deepest Darkness’ has a heavy mysteriousness to it, but we consciously wanted to give listeners a taste of the other vibes we’ve been experimenting with while writing new music.”

Watch the music video, directed by W.A.M. Bleakley, below.

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