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OG Yellow Wiggle Greg Suffers Cardiac Arrest, Collapses Onstage During Bushfire Benefit Gig

OG Yellow Wiggle Greg Page is recovering in hospital after a terrifying health scare on Friday night.

He collapsed onstage after suffering a cardiac arrest during The Wiggles‘ first of two adults-only reunion concerts at Castle Hill RSL, raising money for the bushfire crisis.

As the ABC reports, Page collapsed as he walked offstage before the encore, and was taken to Westmead Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

OG Red Wiggle Murray Cook then came back out to tell the confused crowd: “Greg’s not feeling real well. I think he’s going to be OK. He’s not feeling real well. He’s going to be alright. We’ve got some medical attention.”

The Wiggles later took to social media to confirm exactly what had gone down:

The group has since hit the socials again with a further update on Greg’s condition, relaying a message from him thanking fans for their love and support and confirming that he wanted the second show to roll on without him:

Emma Wiggle, Simon Wiggle and several others stepped in to fill Greg’s shoes at the second benefit show on Saturday night as he continues to recover in hospital.

Among those who’ve sent in messages of support to the bedridden national treasure include NSW Rural Fire Service commissioner and all-around Aussie hero Shane Fitzsimmons, who wished Greg a speedy recovery, adding that his kids grew up with The Wiggles:

Meanwhile, an off-duty nurse as been hailed a hero, after reportedly swinging into action to help save the former Yellow Wiggle’s life after he went into cardiac arrest at the show.

As Pedestrian reports, Grace Jones was in the crowd on Friday night when Page collapsed, and raced backstage to help out until paramedics got to the scene.

Appearing on Weekend Sunrise alongside ambulance officer Brian Parsell and Red Wiggle Murray Cook, the woman who’s now being affectionately dubbed “Amazing Grace” recounted the dramatic events:

“After he collapsed on stage I asked if he need help,” she said. “They said yes so I went up and he didn’t look very well at all. They were already doing CPR, which was really good, someone gave me the defibrillator, and I put it on him, then you just go through the sequence.”

Parsell — who FYI performed 26 minutes of CPR on Greg while he was in the ambulance — added that Grace “nailed it” and  that her actions are likely what saved the OG Wiggle’s life.

While Murray updated Weekend Sunrise fans on Greg’s current condition, saying that he is “really obviously much better” and happily cracking jokes from his hospital bed.

Get well soon, Greg!

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