Originals Music Festival Scores Huge 2016 Lineup

Originals Music Festival is prepping for another weekend of pure entertainment all going down in Coolum this November. Now in its third year, OMF is in a good position to hit a ‘Sold Out’ hat trick.

The event has one foot firmly in rock, the other in the hip hop side of things, keeping things nice and simple, and what more could you want? The Living End have been tagged as headliners, followed closely by Dune Rats. Tijuana Cartel will balance out some of that riotous energy with Sahara Beck bringing the full-blown chill further enforced by up-and-comer Doolie.

Thundamentals will be providing a different vibe all together with ya boy Remi also confirmed. The prodigal son Young Franco has made the cut. Two-piece Odd Mob will also be letting the people dance, as will the always kooky Pop Cult.

However, there’s more to OMF than the music. Each year organisers manage to score an arsenal of carnival ride and installations. This year will be no different and there’ll be a Harambe The Gorilla theme to boot, as the event raises awareness for animals in captivity.

WATCH: The Living End – Keep On Running

Originals Music Festival 2016

Tickets available Thursday, 11th August

The Living End

The Dune Rats



Tijuana Cartel

Young Franco

Odd Mob

Sahara Beck

The Belligerents

Pop Cult


Saturday, 5th November

Coolum Sports Centre, Coolum

Tickets: Original Music Festival

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