Oxford Arts Factory: NUF – For people who like backwards FUN!

Saturday 11th April marks the opening of NUF. The event is hosted by club legend MC Gaff E who at long last takes the helm of her very own night here in Sydney Town. After inspiring a slew of key events across the planet over the last three years, she is now pouring her look, sound and vision into her own club night here in her motherland.

This promises to be a night of wonder and excitement as a stream of the most fun – or should we say NUF artists from Australia and abroad do what they do best – mixing, singing, performing and dazzling in what will most certainly become the most unmissable night in the club calendar.

For the opening night, Gaffy has a very special lineup including a group of friends who know how to have a very ravetastic time. With our favourite man Tyson (Health Club), The Inappropriates (Gaffy + Perfect Snatch), Cassette (your girl next door), Sister Brockman (sister to Sleater Brockman), Drugmoney (without his dreads) and MC Gaff E live in action ready to ka-POW the night!

The first issue of NUF Is themed ‘Flash Gordon’ – from the 1980s film about an American Quarterback who is taking a ride towards the planet mongo with his beautiful girlfriend Dale Arden. On arrival they are captured by Mighty Ming, the merciless villain who seizes Dale and tries to execute Flash. Flash escapes and now must collect an army of strange beings to fight back against this seemingly mad Emperor, revive Dale, and save the earth all at the same time. Got it? Wear it!


Brisbane – born contained butterfly, snatched and shipped from the clutches of the London psychedelic ‘club kids’ scene, with a swift sprinkle of stylistic kitsch performance attire. Producing music with the likes of Thomas Bullock (Rub n Tug), Edu K, Kid Kenobi and Drugmoney, MC Gaff E evokes euphoria through the souls of some bodies, through the electronic and psychedelic sounds of music in her own representation… Those bodies, some will say, shall cause riots!http://www.myspace.com/mcgaffe


Raised on a nutritious diet of E.L.O. and Enya, Perfect Snatch began DJing at the prodigious age of 3. Despite her parents’ concern at her provocative choice of DJ name, she quickly rose to become the top DJ for under-fives in the Sutherland Shire.

Late adolescence saw drum lessons from The Presets’ Kim, quickly followed by a share-housing arrangement with Health Club’s Tyson – a musical melting pot that transformed her into a modern musical Renaissance Woman.

From these humble beginnings, Perfect Snatch has risen to play at some of the finest parties that the world has to offer including Health Club, Starfuckers, Big Day Out (effectively supporting LCD Soundsystem), Recession (for Spank! Records), a residency at the infamous Gay Bash, as well as hosting Arvos and Sunset shows on FBi. Fans will recall the great Ajax/Perfect Snatch double team effort of Mardi Gras ’08 that has gone down as one of the greatest defining moments in Sydney electronic music history.

But what about the music? Her first album was Ace of Base “Happy Nation” and it’s all gone downhill from there. Expect to hear at least one song from Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds, her latest favourite from somewhere deep in Africa, and the 17 minute version of “Love to Love You Baby”… if only Gaffy would let her play it.

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