Oxford Arts Factory: The Spirits Play Residency In April

The Spirits will be playing every Friday in April, at After Work Art, an event aiming to lure locals out nice and early. Doors open at 7pm, entry is free, and they’ll be serving some of the cheapest jugs of beer and cocktails that you’re likely to find on Oxford St. The OAF student discount passport, ‘Das Kleine Buch’ will be valid until 11pm. There will be movies, couches galore, and wireless internet access for the less socially inclined.

Toby Fitch, lead singer and guitarist for The Spirits, tells us a little about the band. “Our songs are pop songs essentially, melodically driven but very atmospheric. We like to make ethereal sounds with reverb and delay. We use bright and clean sounding amps, and we like our guitar rock, so our music can be very big and rhythmic. Someone called us ‘Joy Division on speed’ once, and we laughed. Love does tear us apart though, and we do sing about such things. We recorded a few demos with Damian Press (Expatriate) who is a lovely dude. We were awarded Tune of the Week and Unsigned Artist of Week on FBi because of those tracks.” You can hear the band online at http://www.myspace.com/thespirits.

The Spirits have curated their own supports for the month, and they include Decorated Generals, Smoking Vaults and made In Japan. Now you have even more reason to look forward to Friday night!

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