Pantera Will Help Your Baby Fall Asleep

Happy with the success from their recently debuted album of Deftones lullabies, the team from Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star have set their sites on a new demographic – the next generation of thrash metal fans.

They may not be old enough to speak yet, but that doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate a good blast beat, or some chunky-as-fuck riffage a la Pantera, and that is what the forthcoming 12-track collection is all about. Anthems such as Walk, Cowboys From Hell, and 5 Minutes Alone made the cut while Good Friends and Bottle of Pills didn’t for some reason. Hmm.

TTLRS is doing wonders for the future leaders of the world by softly and gently introducing them to the best music there is. On top of the Deftones offering, Iron Maiden and Slayer have been adapted to suit the teething market.

Look at those Pantera guys in that pic, with their faces all scrunched up like that. They REALLY want to help your baby go to sleep. I wonder if TTLRS will ever do a Dillinger Escape Plan version…

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