Paramore New Album In The Pipelines

It’s been some time since we’ve heard news from pop punk idols Paramore, but today fans can release a collective sigh of relief – their new album is on its way! In a recent interview, frontwoman Hayley Williams has opened up about the new release.

The band is currently working with production visionary Justin Meldal-Johnsen, who’s latest achievements include the most recent offering from M83. The band has been making the most of their time with Meldal-Johnsen, with Williams stating: “At this point, we have recorded one song with Justin. That time in the studio was easily the most relaxed, inspired, and liberating experience we have had in any studio thus far. We are huge fans of his work, not only as a producer but as a musician, writer and musical director. He wears all those hats well and with a lot of humility.”

The band rose to dizzying heights after their track Misery Business drew testament to Williams’ ability as a songwriter and amazing vocalist (she was only 18 at the time). However, mainstream success came after the song Decode landed on the soundtrack for Twilight.

The album is expected to be a much more mature offering from the group, as Williams discusses how experience will separate this release from the previous albums Riot! and 2009’s Brand New Day: “I am laughing things off a lot more easily these days than I was at 19, when I wrote the last album. A lot of change…a lot of positivity. Even the songs with the more serious subject matter feel less toiled and troubled. Musically, I am most inspired by the personality captured in every instrument. That, to me, is actually what is making up this newer sound that is happening.”

So now we play the waiting game… In the meantime, enjoy the clip!

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