Image: Youtube/Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam Recruit Greta Thunberg For New ‘Retrograde’ Video

Pearl Jam have shared the video for ‘Retrograde’ today, taken from their newest album Gigaton. The video sees the band look into environmental activist Greta Thunberg’s crystal ball and see the harrowing effects of climate change.

The song itself, ‘Retrograde’ seems to address the changes the world is facing with lyrics like, “Stars align they say when times are better than right now/Feel the retrograde spin us round, round/Seven seas are rising forever future’s fading out/Feel the retrograde all around, round.”

In the animated video, Pearl Jam visit Greta Thunberg, who plays a psychic with a crystal ball and tarot cards. She lays down a pretty eerie future. 

Pearl Jam sees the London Bridge and the Eiffel Tower go underwater while kangaroos pass wild bushfires and the polar ice caps melt.

You can catch the video down below.

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder joined the ‘All In Challenge’ a couple of weeks ago. They’re offering up a Pearl Jam Concert Birthday Package — which is as wild as it sounds. 

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