Pennywise Reunite With Frontman Jim Lindberg

Pennywise have announced that the band has reunited with former frontman Jim Lindberg. Lindberg, along with guitarist Fletcher Dragge, delivered the news while being interviewed on KROQ Los Angeles’ Kevin & Bean Show. Fletcher told the American radio station that Pennywise will celebrate their 25th anniversary and reunion with Lindberg with a special LA gig on January 18, 2013.

“We’re happy to announce that Jim is rejoining Pennywise and we’re all looking forward to playing music together again. We’re going to celebrate our reunion with a show at the Hollywood Palladium, January 18th to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Pennywise for our friends and fans in LA,” Fletcher told KROQ.

When asked how it felt to be back with Pennywise, Lindberg said he was surprised at the turn of events. Explaining that his return is somewhat surreal, Lindberg described himself as, “someone who took an Ambien has now found themselves down by the lake and they don’t know how they got there.”

As for Lindberg’s replacement Zoli Teglas, Teglas was apparently begging for Lindberg to return and take his place. According to Fletcher, Tegals, who is suffering from ongoing back injuries, called Lindberg and tried to lure him back to Pennywise.

“He’s actually happy. He’s happy to get the hell out of here… Jim told me he was calling and saying, ‘Hurry up and come back man’,” Fletcher revealed to KROQ.

Pennywise was meant to tour Australia earlier in the year, but had to cancel due to Teglas’ aforementioned back problems. There’s no word yet as to when Pennywise will make up the dates now with Jim Lindberg once again part of the lineup.

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