Pete Doherty Opens Memorabilia Store, Offers Junk At Premium Prices

Just has he promised back in June, Babyshambles’ frontman Pete Doherty has opened his own memorabilia store in the UK suburb of Camden, and filled it to the brim with interesting (but mostly uninteresting) tidbits from throughout his personal life and career.

Initial reports from within the shop make it seem just as strange as it sounds, with worthless items being sold for huge sums. Called Doherty & Martin: The Rag & Bone Collection, the shop has all the used cigarette butts, magazine articles and old wrapping paper you’ll ever need.

Noisey writer Dan Wilkinson was invited to come take a browse through the shop, but was subsequently locked in by the ex-Libertine. Documenting his experience, Wilkinson describes the store as “lit dimly”, decorated by tour posters, cans and old vinyl. Of the stock, he comments:

“There’s enough Libertines, Babyshambles and Doherty memorabilia in there to fill a ballroom. It sells almost nothing of worth, for prices that are extraordinary. There are cigarette butts for £100 [AU$170] and wrapping paper for double that.”

Other items of note include old cans of mustard for AU$340, and a cardboard cutout of Doherty himself for AU$850.

It’s well worth checking out Wilkinson’s account of his time with Doherty in the shop, replete with anecdotes such as when Doherty fell asleep face first on a typewriter, woke up and couldn’t remember who the writer was.

(Via Noisey)

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