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Second Pill Testing Trial At Groovin The Moo Canberra An “Overwhelming Success”

The Canberra leg of Groovin The Moo took place yesterday, and along with it came the second pill testing trial held at the event, run by Pill Testing Australia. Now, the organisation have deemed the trial an “overwhelming success.”

The medical service was tested substances for 234 participants, which is over 100 more than last year, and a total of 171 samples were tested.

Similar to last year, MDMA was the most prominent substance found. Ketamine, cocaine and methamphetamines were also found.

However, seven potentially deadly substances containing n-ethylpentylone were also tested. Pill Testing Australia says that, upon educating the patrons on the dangers of these seven substances, all patrons discarded them in an amnesty bin provided.

According to Junkee, Dr. David Caldicott spoke to Sunrise this morning saying how pleased he was with the results of the country’s second ever pill testing trial.

“There was no hesitation for binning the more dangerous products,” he said.

“One thing that should be emphasised is that when they were told about the potential hazards, many were shocked. They hadn’t really felt that they had been educated about that they had been educated about that before. They were very prepared to modify their consumption.”

While the ACT government wholly supported the trial, the NSW government has remain adamantly against such things happening in the state. Earlier this year, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced some pretty strict regulations that the state’s music festivals would have to adhere to – all of which have been highly criticised by various groups and bodies around the country.

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