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Placebo’s Brian Molko Under Investigation for Calling Italian PM “Fascist, Racist”

Placebo frontman Brian Molko is reportedly being investigated by the Italian Government after slagging the country’s far-right prime minister Giorgia Meloni live onstage, dubbing her a “racist” and a “fascist”.

The British alt-rock and LGBTQI+ icon made the comments during the band’s recent set at Italy’s Sonic Park festival in Stupinigi, telling the 10,000-strong crowd in Italian: “Giorgia Meloni, piece of shit, fascist, racist”. He also added an extra “fuck you” for good measure.

“Piece of shit, fascist, racist… Fuck you”

As The Guardian reports, prosecutors in Turin have opened an investigation against Molko for allegedly breaching the country’s criminal code, which prohibits “publicly defaming the republic” – that means the government, parliament, the courts or the army.

ICYMI, Meloni is the leader of the Brothers of Italy party, which is the country’s most conservative rightwing-leaning government since the second world war. She won last year’s election on a platform of restricting immigration and limiting the rights of the LGBTQI+ community.

If found culpable, Molko could face a fine ranging from €1,000 to €5,000 (that’s AUD $1,654 to $8,271).

Meanwhile, Meloni’s supporters are rallying to scupper Placebo’s plans to play another gig in Italy on August 1st in Sassari, on the island of Sardinia.

A right-wing member of the Sassari city council, Mariolino Andria, has launched an appeal demanding the city’s fellow right-wing mayor, Nanni Campus, take action before the band hit the stage.

Placebo are know to speak out about things they reckon suck. Case in point, during their most recent Australian tour, they started a “fork you Margaret Court” chant at Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne in a stance against the venue’s namesake and her homophobic views and opposition to marriage equality.

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