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PNAU’s Nick Littlemore Reveals He’s Working With Elton John Again

PNAU frontman Nick Littlemore has taken to Reddit to conduct a predictably out of this world AMA session, and he has revealed he has reunited with past collaborator Elton John.

PNAU and the UK pop icon previously worked together on the 2012 remix album Good Morning To The Night, which ended up hitting the top spot on the UK charts.

Reddit user Fluffy_Possibility58 posed the question to Littlemore whether he had plans to work with Elton again. Little did that user and the rest of us know that work has already begun.

“Working on it right now!” Littlemore wrote.

“We are pushing deeper cuts and harder grooves working with Elton’s later ‘70s work and much of the ‘80s material also. We are beyond thrilled to have this incredible opportunity once more.”

Littlemore, wearer of many hats, also sneakily revealed that there’s new Empire Of The Sun music on the horizon.

He revealed that the band’s last album, Changa, was about psychedelics. Colour us shocked.

Changa was literally a trip that was our renaissance into the world of psychedelics and that album is the result of that exploration,” Littlemore said.

“Visually we were led by the worlds we were exploring on our journeys.”

In addition, Littlemore also revealed he’s working with some upcoming artists on future projects, and he spoke about how excited he is at the talent in this country.

“At the moment I’m trawling through triple j Unearthed to find new artists and I’ve been contacting a bunch of different people,” he said.

“I found a great characterful artist from Western Australia named Rami and a wonderful singer from Newcastle by the name of the Djanaba. It’s so exciting that my home country is exploding with talent and I look very much forward to working and collaborating with more people all the time.”

Watch the video for PNAU’s latest single ‘Lucky’ below, and check out the full AMA here.

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