Police Report Rise In Female Festivalgoers “Internally Concealing Drugs” To Dupe Sniffer Dogs

Police in Sydney have noted a troubling rise in female festival attendees attempting to stick their drugs where the sun don’t shine, in an ill-advised attempt to smuggle them into music events under sniffer dogs‘ noses.

Unfortunately, according to enforcement detectives, the genius scheme doesn’t actually work.

Without delving too — uh — deep into the specifics, Detective Chief Inspector Gus Viera, Commander of the South West Region Enforcement Squad, has expressed some concerns about the behaviour of some music festival attendees following Sydney’s Supremacy dance festival on the weekend, which saw three punters charged with drug supply.

“There is… an increase in females internally concealing drugs in an attempt to defeat the drug dog operation,” Detective Chief Inspector Viera says.

“These people need to understand that the drugs will still be detected and they will get charged accordingly.”

Morbidly fascinated by the question of ‘what happens next?’ once officers have reason to believe a punter may be “internally concealing drugs”, Music Feeds contacted NSW Police Media to — ah — debrief about the appropriate procedure.

Sadly, we were informed that police were not at liberty to “discuss methodology”.

Guess we’ll just have to use our imaginations, then.

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