Police Targeting Daft Punk Fans In Wee Waa This Weekend

By now you’re probably drunk on Daft Punk, with the French electro house duo’s new album Random Access Memories being available to stream since the break of dawn, but if you’re still under the influence of the intoxicating grooves this weekend, then be warned – the cops will slap the cuffs on you like Thomas Bangalter slaps a smooth bass.

Addressing those heading to Wee Waa this Friday for the official album launch, police have promised to target any and all “anti-social behaviour and alcohol-related crime”.

“There will be no hesitation in taking action for alcohol-and-drug-related offences,” stated Superintendent Jenny Hayes, as Police launched Operation Hadria, which will focus on drug-related offences, underage drinking, drink-driving and acceptable crowd behaviour.

Considering 4,000 tickets were sold to watch a CD you can already purchase spin (as Daft Punk won’t be attending the Wee Waa event) there’s a fair chance some drinking and probably illicit substance imbibing will take place. And if your plan was too hide from police under your replica Daft Punk helmet, then think again – there will be no replica helmets at the event.

Clearly, if you like Daft Punk and EDM in general then you’re a druggo. It’s a rule of nature, so take it up with God, druggo, and remember that local police will be on full alert for kids dancing with their eyes closed, waving their arms about and losing themselves to dance, natch.

Check out Daft Punk in Wee Waa 🙂


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