Polish Club’s Frontman Delivers A Rousing Cover Of The Simpsons’ ‘Union Strike Folk Song’

Dan Cribb has unveiled another ‘The Simpsons’ cover song, this time recruiting Polish Club‘s David Novak for the iconic ‘Union Strike Folk Song’, originally performed by Lisa Simpson.

The original track features in ’90s ‘Simpsons; episode Last Exit To Springfield with Lisa singing this song alongside protestors outside Springfield Power Plant.

The version for Cribb’s Worst Tribute Ever project sees Novak giving a gravelly, impassioned performance which may be even more rousing that Lisa’s original.


“David’s voice is next level and it’s so awesome to hear it on this stripped-back song,” Cribb said about the cover.

“When I initially approached him about the project, he brought up Dental Plan/Lisa Needs Braces, which is from the same episode and how Union Strike Song came into the equation. Stay tuned as that line will make an appearance later in the project.”

Cribb’s project has seen him cover some of the greatest musical moment of ‘The Simpsons’ with Aussie musos. Alex Lahey covered ‘Flaming Moe’s’ with him, Ecca Vandal ripped through ‘Happy Birthday, Lisa’ and Scott O’Conner tried his hand at ‘Oh, Streetcar!’.

Stream the new addition below.

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