Pop Stars Websites Targeted/Fans Passwords Stolen by Gay Black Hacking Collective

Hows that for a title? So last week Amy Winehouse and Lauren Pritchard found themselves targeted by a gay, black hacking collective naming themselves SwagSec (in reference to hacking group LulzSec and short for Swagger Security).

The group go under the motto: WE ARE HERE TO TAKE BACK THE INTERNET .–.wHoOp.–. FROM THE WHITE DEVIL. WE ARE A TEAM OF HOMOSEXUAL NEGROS AND WE ARE PROUD OF IT. SWAGGGG and use images and lyrics of rapper Lil B as a shout out to his support of the LGBT community (He recently named his new album I’m Gay).

SwagSec now claim to have passwords of fans for other pop artists, including Klaxons, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and label Def Jam. The websites hacks coincide with the release of a hack by another group, AntiSec, who mined the Universal Music website and released a 3GB torrent of data, though it is difficult to see what kind of information is available in the dump.

There has been some speculation that this all could be one big publicity stunt by rapper Lil B, whose image and lyrics are used on the hacked pages. It also comes on the same day that his new album I’m Gay has been released. But whether or not artists and labels would stoop to these levels for some attention remains to be the question.

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