PREMIERE: Szymon – ‘Golden’ Video

Music Feeds is proud to premiere the video for Golden, the latest release of Newcastle bedroom producer Szymon’s seriously impressive music, written and recorded in 2008 before he sadly took his own life after a lengthy battle with depression.

Delicate yet impactful, the track is reminiscent of the stylings of folk-pop but with evocative electronic flourishes and a truly unique density that is both uplifting and immersive.

Shot in Scotland, with the stunning scenery of the Isle of Skye and the Cairngorms national park featured, the clip explores an alternate reality where the Sun only rises every 23 years, making its occurence an event of unparalleled significance.

Director Emile Frederick describes the approach taken to honouring the music:

“Szymon’s music is so otherworldly but also really honest and humble and I felt any visual depictions needed to find that same balance. The music video for ‘Golden’ came from a fascination of looking at seemingly mundane elements, like light, in a new and different way.

I decided it was more interesting to explore these ideas from the periphery using a small personal account, rather than in any epic measures. In the end it ended up being a story of how we create imitations when deprived of the real thing. I tried to show that by juxtaposing artificial light and real light.

Golden will feature on the upcoming album Tigersapp, released by Szymon’s family and friends in his memory via Eloper Music.

Watch: Szymon – Golden

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