PREMIERE: Tiger Choir Up The Pop-Rock Ante With New Single ‘Interstate’

One of the stand out performers at this years BIGSOUND conference, Tassies Tiger Choir continue to kick 2015 in the dick with a new single, which Music Feeds is at full froth premiering for you right here, Interstate.

The perfect track to accompany your upcoming Summer road trip Interstate sees lead singer and 100% mega-babe Elliot’s gut-punch of a falsetto once again at the fore, brought to a steamy boil with rollicking guitar licks and some seriously slick “ooooh ooooh”s from the gang. 10/10 spicy meatballs for this one, I tells ya!

Aforementioned dreamboat El-dogz tells us of the track: “This song isn’t so much about doing anything as much as it’s about when you first have the thought that you need to leave or get out of your current place or situation. It’s the whole greener grass scenario but where you know the grass might not be greener, so there’s some hesitation in there too I suppose.”

The third single off their forthcoming LP, Interstate follows on from equally juicy tracks Shani and All Time, both of which got some beefy airtime on Triple J. Their second album is due to drop early next year.

For now though, check out their newy right here on Music Feeds!

Listen: Tiger Choir – Interstate

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