The Pretty Littles Call Out Eddie McGuire & Sam Newman With Scathing New Song

Melbourne’s The Pretty Littles are the latest voices to join in on the chorus to call out Eddie McGuire and co over McGuire’s comments about drowning The Age’s lead football reporter Caroline Wilson, and their less than sterling track record on such topics.

Taking a different route than other media figures and celebrities who’ve called on Eddie to apologise (something he begrudgingly did this week after first making a weak non-apology) The Pretty Littles have delivered their diatribe through the immortal medium of song via their track Sam’s Mob.

The band first posted about the song to Facebook, after Sam Newman delivered an editorial on The Footy Show Wednesday night calling Wilson “an embarrassment”.

“We have a song called Sam’s Mob on the new album. It is about this fella and fellas like him and the unwavering support they seem to have because they kicked a footy good a million years ago,” the band wrote.

“Whether you think Eddie’s comments were gendered or not, they were innately violent and were a gross insight into the redneck majority of Australia,” they explained.

Intended as nothing more than an expression of solidarity with Wilson and others who have faced bigotry and misogyny, following all the attention the post got (both positive and negative) the band decided they ought to release the track for the whole country to hear.

Speaking about the song and what inspired it, singer Jack Parsons said “Sam’s mob is about disappointment with the status quo. About the power some people wield for the wrong reasons. About people defending their right to make other people feel shit. About protecting the sanctity of a game they are actually destroying. About the effects this has on our failing country. About wasting energy. Sam’s Mob is a song about waste.”

Have a listen to track yourself here and keep and eye out for the band’s album later this year.

Listen: The Pretty LittlesSam’s Mob

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