Prince Allphones Arena Sydney – Live Updates

Prince plays the first of 8 Australian shows tonight At Allphones Arena In Sydney and we are going to keep you updated with all the excitement as it happens.

Earlier tonight it was announced the the Purple master will play a surprise club show at Ivy in Sydney tomorrow night following the show, tickets sold out in minutes.

Prince will play shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, you can view the full tour dates here.

23:43pm Despite the slightly elongated encore and misleading 2nd encore that never came I had the best night of my life. Prince was everything I dreamed he would be. It was truly the best show I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I’m still tingling! A feeling you can only get after witnessing one of the greatest performers of all time.
23:39pm Now I know what it feels like when Doves cry 🙁
23:38pm I can’t believe that encore was a song I didn’t recognise…
23:37pm UGH No second encore…why would he leave the lights off for so long…teasing us!
23:34pm The stadium has gone dark again…There has to be another…He traditionally does up to 4 please be my night
23:30pm Encore!!! I’m not sure what song, first time I’ve been stumped all night…might be a cover.
23:28pm He’s BACK!
23:26pm WTF lights are on…
23:25pm OMG what kind of fuckery is this? The Stadium is still dark – either do an encore or turn the lights on…
23:22pm OMG still no encore – I get Prince is pop royalty but I can’t take it any longer!
23:18pm I can’t wait any longer the suspense is killing me…
23:16pm The masses are shouting “WE WANT PRINCE”
23:15pm Still no encore but the stadium is dark so it’s very promising…
23:12pm The crowd is going nuts!! ENCOREEEEE
23:11pm OMG some people are leaving, do they even know what an encore is??
23:10pm Encore time for realz!!
23:09pm Ahhh everyone has their phones out lighting the stadium to LOVESEXY!!! and we’re back to funky!! Sorry for the delay on that I was too busy losing my shit!
22:58pm Purple Rain is falling from the sky! Prince is rocking the amazing Purple Rain guitar riff…Can you tell I’m smiling?
22:56pm Purple Rain is still going! People are kissing their loved ones…I’m on my own so I’m kissing the back of my hand 🙁
22:53pm Hogwarts ain’t got shit on the magic emanating from Prince right now!
22:47pm PURPLE RAIN!!..The crowd is singing along its a very beautiful moment…
22:43pm He’s sporting a grandma bandanna! Only Prince can get away with that shit!!
22:42pm He just picked up his guitar! I feel like this is building up to something special!!
22:42pm His dancers just walked on stage PLEASE GOD tell me this is Purple Rain time…Prince is lying down on the stage chilling – GET UP AND SING!! The anticipation is killing me…
22:36pm Prince: Holy fucken balls! He just busted some crazy ass moves like a pro!
22:34pm Prince: “You don’t have to watch this Kardashians to have an attitude.”
22:31pm KISS KISS KISS KISS…He’s funkning it up…yeah!
22:29pm I WILL DIE FOR YOU!!..Seriously I could die right now I’m so happy:)
22:28pm The entire crowd is chanting ALRIGHT!! There is magic in the air!!
22:25pm The Most Beautiful Girl In The World…Ahh super medley! It’s just mashed into Forever In My Life!
22:24pm He’s back now he was just playing 🙂
22:22pm Holy shit he just quit mid set and said “Y’all aint good enough for me goodnight”
22:22pm The place is on FIRE!
22:20pm Hot Thing!
22:17pm Yes! Yes! Yes! Doves! Doves! Doves!
22:16pm Prince: “What shall we do now?” I think Doves is coming! Please God Please!
22:11pm Dance Electric…
22:05pm The funk has arrived…MOUNTAINS!
22:01pm Prince: “We should be grateful for one another and be grateful for music, it brings people together. Why else would we all be here? Free Pizza?” Oh you so funny Prince…
22:00pm Taking it down a notch with Love The Will Be Done, spreading the warm and fuzzies around…
21:54pm That’s what real music sounds like! My ears are melting…
21:48pm The stage has gone dark again and the thunder has started up again. Please don’t tease me Prince baby! I’m ready for the downpour…
21:44pm It just mashed into Cool! Please excuse me while I cut a rug!
21:41pm Taking it back to the old school – Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough…
21:37pm The back up dancers are sexy twins. For all the gentlemen in the crowd

I’m pretty sure there is some real cream action going on ;).
21:33pm CREAM!!! Baby there ain’t no body batter than Prince…
21:31pm Raspberry Beret!
21:29pm Just noticed the Purple one is wearing heels to rival and of the ladies here 🙂
21:26pm Take Me With You!!
21:20pm The organ just started up – it just got holy up in here!!
21:16pm Back up singers have taken the stage – singing lost and found by Lianne la Havas. It’s all very lovely BUT I WANT PRINCE!
21:12pm It just got sexual up in here y’all!! 2 words – SLOW DOWN!
21:06pm Can I just say prince has not aged since 1999!! Boy still got those moves!!
21:05pm All Phones arena just turned into a time warp – IT’S 1999 folks!!!
21:00pm Mashes into delirious!!!
20:59pm Prince has picked up the love symbol guitar! Shit just got real.

He just took to the grand piano!! EVERYBODY’s DANCING!!HOLY FUCK HE’S IN A SEQUENED TUXEDO!! DID I MENTION HE’s IN A SEQUENED TUXEDO!!! OMG HE’s dancing on the baby grand with his Babing back up dancer!!!
20:50pm Light shines over his band!! I THINK THIS IS IT!! The audience is raising the roof with jam of the year!
20:47pm very appropriate since first track is all that glitters!! PRINCE IS HERE!!!
20:44pm A hot babe with draped in a white with a big ass train joins mr guitarist. it is stunning! BUT WHERE FOR ART THOU PRINCE??
20:43pm Wait no he hasn’t just some acoustic guitarist playing purple rain.
20:41pm Still thundering!! Hurry up!!! I’m ready to go CRAZY!!
20:41pm The sound of thunder strikes!!!!! Does this mean RAIN?
20:40pm Silence fills the arena as screams take over. IT IS TIME!
20:33pmA soft purple light is drenching the crowd, appropriately setting the scene. The arena is yet to fill up but the excitement emanating is tangible! Despite the Janelle Monae rumors, no support acts will be taking the Love Symbol stage this evening. Scheduled to start at 8, in true pop-god form, Prince is fashionably late. But no one seems to give a fuck, Prince is entitled to be late to his own party if he wants to!!

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