Prince, American Hero, Once Got The Kardashians Kicked Off A TV Show

During an appearance on late night TV talk show Conan, Zooey Deschanel has revealed that Prince once had the Kardashians booted from a cameo appearance on her hit sitcom New Girl.

As the actress tells it, after making it known that he was an unlikely fan of her tele show, The Purple One agreed to take part in an episode that involved him hosting a party with a star-studded cast as his guests.

“Someone was friends with some of the Kardashians and had made a phone call and they had kindly come on to shoot a little kind of cameo part where they were at Prince’s party,”Deschanel told Co-Co.

“I get there the day that Prince is supposed to arrive; I’m studying my lines. One of the PAs comes in and she’s like, ‘I need all of the scripts’. She takes mine from me … takes everyone’s call sheets … I’m like, What’s going on?

“I walk outside and she has a bonfire. She’s burning all the scripts and the call sheets. And it turns out that someone from Prince’s camp said, ‘Who are the celebrities? I hope it’s not a Kardashian’.”

Apparently, Khloe and Kris were swiftly ushered off set and cut out of the show, despite having already arrived and shot their scene.

“It’s sad because Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner had very kindly come in and shot the scene … but Prince was running the show.”

And it’s not the first time that Prince took action against the tabloid fame monster known as The Kardashians.

Shortly after his death last month, many fans joyfully reminisced about the time he once turfed Kim Kardashian herself off his stage while performing in Madison Square Garden in 2011.

Catch that golden footage, as well as Deschanel’s interview with the goofball ginger king of late night TV – and Prince’s cameo on New Girl – below.

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