Prince Places Twitter In Crosshairs Following Copyright Infringement

Prince is not the type of cat you want to mess with because hell hath no fury like The Purple One scorned and such was the case following the discovery that Twitter’s latest purchase The Vine had been used to infringe on Prince’s right to control his music.

Giving users the option to create simple, 6-second GIFs, The Vine has quickly become a super popular app – so popular that it now appears on Prince’s radar after it was discovered some of the GIFs uploaded contained “unauthorized recordings” and “unauthorized synchronizations” of his material and demanded they be taken down straightaway.

The cease and desist was filed on 22nd March according to The Next Web, who also report that since that time the files in question have been removed. Prince’s power simply knows no bounds.

By all accounts, we’re talking about one seriously litigiously inclined dude here. Not too long ago, 3rd Eye Girl found themselves on the wrong side of Prince after they leaked his new material (though no-one’s quite sure where that relationship begins and ends). Prior to that, His Royal Badness was in the courtroom again having sued Capital Assist Protection. Even die-hard fans paying homage to his greatness aren’t safe from his wrath.

What’s more, fans were forced to cough up a fee of $1.77 or something outrageous like that in order to watch his latest music video. So it’s obvious Prince is nobody’s fool.

…You’re alright, Prince.

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