Prince’s Vault Has Been Drilled Open And There’s A Crapload Of Unreleased Music Inside

Prince‘s vault underneath his Paisley Park has been drilled open by Bremer Trust, the appointed administrator of his estate following the his untimely death on April 22nd. It had to be broken open as only The Purple One knew the code to the lock.

Upon opening the vault, Bremer Trust found enough unreleased music to put out an album every year for the next century.

Prince’s former recording engineer Susan Rodgers told the Guardian that the vault pre-dates 1984’s Purple Rain. “When I left in 87, it was nearly full,” she said. “Row after row of everything we’d done. I can’t imagine what they’ve done since then.”

It is yet to be decided whether any of the music will be released, as Prince had no known will when he suddenly passed away.

Watch: Prince – Purple Rain (Live)

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