Image for Purple Sneakers 23rd April – PhDJ Says Farewell

Purple Sneakers 23rd April – PhDJ Says Farewell

Written by John Ritchie on April 16, 2010

Purple Sneakers is your Friday night partner in crime who doesn’t judge you for sending inappropriate drunk messages and who still thinks you’re cute even when you have sweat dripping from places you didn’t even know existed. Is is the the bum to your undies…

So dust off your matching anklets, because this one’s for friendship. This week they’ll be farewelling PhDJ as he flees the country to party in the UK so be sure to catch him teaming up with M.I.T and BENLUCID to crank out a bromance inspiring friendship set. NICK FINDLAY, MONKEY GENIUS and NIC YORKE will be bringing the lemonade and the best indie tunes to keep you ears ringing for days and they’ll also be welcoming ‘You Choose The Playlist’ winner BIKE SCENE in for a first round DJ Set.

This week they’re also launching the much anticipated second album from UK songstress Kate Nash – ‘My Best Friend Is You’ thanks to the folk at Universal. For giveaways and more info head to

Venue: The Gladstone Hotel, 115 Regent St, Chippendale
Date: Friday 23rd April 2010
Time: 7pm till 3am
Cost: $12

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