‘Last Night’ Purple Sneakers, The Gaelic Club – 24/06/2011

It’s too late now, humanity. The machines have taken over and, quite frankly, you should’ve seen it coming. Cue Terminator theme song. The iPod’s war to exterminate mankind raged for decades. But the final battle would not be fought in the future. It would be fought here. In our present. By drunken indie kids…

So load up your rocket-launchers and phased-plasma rifles and bunker down at LAST NIGHT on Friday June 24 because it’s going to get messy. Leading the human resistance will be Kiwi electro-duo COMPUTERS WANT ME DEAD. Locked and loaded with their chaotic brand of neo synth-pop salvation it’s advisable you dance with them if you want to live.

Second in command and tech-specialist, Lieutenant BIG DUMB KID, will be flushing out enemy infiltrators with his combo of hip-hop swagger and a spot of folk music. Straight out of Sydney’s inner-west division, we recruited the boy for his rebellious raps about video games and assorted felonious activities. Just be careful not to do the robot when he’s on stage or he might mistakenly murder your head.

On the frontline, we’re sending out battle-hardened Sydney DJ duo SOFTWAR. These boys are no strangers to combat with former glories at MTV’s Snow Jam, Splendour in the Grass and their monthly jam Slow Blow at Good God.

And bringing up the rear, we’ve got the ever-courageous armoured DJ-regiment of senior Staff Sergeant PhDJ, captain M.I.T, Brigadier General RANDALL STAGG and corporal and small arms specialist, COITUS INTERUPTUS manning the controls and lobbing disco-grenades.

‘Last Night’ Purple Sneakers Every Friday The Gaelic Club Sydney


Screw you Arnie, the humans are taking it back.

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