Purple Sneakers ‘Last Night’ Friday 13th May 2011

Friday 13th is fast approaching so we’re advising you to not take a trip to your parent’s cabin that’s next door to the haunted summer camp or visit that town made entirely out of wax. If you’re thinking “gosh darn it, there goes all my plans” never fear because this Black Friday LAST NIGHT is throwing a HORROR MOVIE PARTY! There will be cheap entry for every single person who dresses up as someone from their favourite horror movie and prizes for the best costume – so get your friends together human centipede style. And just in case you forget we’ll be adding fake blood to everyone who comes through the door!

Slaughtering through our speakers are the Melbourne trio BUTCHER BLADES whose electro pop with a sweet calypso twist is enough to make Freddy Krueger ditch his striped sweater for a Hawaiian shirt and a set of maracas.

HUMP DAY PROJECT and MIKE WHO will be slaying the dance floor with party jams to make your head spin a full 360° while PhDJ, RANDALL STAGG and CRIES WOLF DJS keep the haunted house party sweating like a busty D grade actress running away from her certain death.

Remember; whatever you do don’t fall asleep.

Purple Sneakers Last Night every Friday at The Gaelic, 64 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills – $15 entry – 8pm til late!

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