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Queensland Government Scraps Proposed 1am Lockouts

The Queensland Government has confirmed that it will scrap its proposed plan for a 1:00am lockout in favour of ID scanners.

As News Limited report, the Government was due to introduce the 1am lockout on 1st February, however, it has decided not to introduce it after a report concluded there had been no “obvious reduction” in alcohol-related violence after six months of liquor restrictions.

“The current evidence suggests the introduction of lockouts is not likely to significantly change current trends (expect for pre-drinking),” the report found.

The government will now mandate that all venues in the precincts install ID scanners from 1st July 2017.

As ABC report, venues will input the data of their patrons into the scanner system to identify previous offenders. The information will then be transferred straight to the government for ongoing assessment.

The laws were to be the second stage of a policy being implemented in Queensland, following laws introduced in July 2016 prohibiting the sale of drinks after 2am or 3am in nightclub precincts like Fortitude Valley. Shots, doubles and pre-mixed drinks with more than 5 per cent alcohol were also banned after midnight. 

Following their introduction Queensland venues reported a significant drop off in business, and it’s feared further changes could see a deeper impact on the state’s nightlife.

Venues were previously given 12 exemptions to serve drinks past 3am, however, the government has decided to halve that to six.

The news comes just days after the first Sydney venues to have their lockouts relaxed by a cool half-hour were revealed. The move by the NSW government to slightly extend the lockout for live music venues only has hardly appeased Keep Sydney Open, who will hold their next rally on Saturday, 18th February.

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