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Questlove Shares Animation On The Time Prince Traded His DJ Set For A ‘Finding Nemo’ Screening

Last year on Twitter, Questlove revealed that once he had been relinquished of his DJing duties at a party for Prince because he wanted a Finding Nemo DVD on instead and now The Roots’ drummer has described what happens in more, animated, detail.

Recounted alongside an excellent animated video by Okayplayer, Questlove said the incident took place one night in Philadelphia when Prince was playing a show. He was on a blind date and also taking 10 friends to the show when he realised he only had 10 tickets and was short one for himself.

As the venue was completely sold-out Prince let Questlove in and allowed him to sit right under the stage in return for a favour. The favour was to organise an after-party for Prince.

He obliged and organised the legend a party in which he DJ’d. “It’s like he knows you know it’s an honour to play for him,” Questlove says in the video stating that he played mostly Fela Kuti because he knew Prince liked the Afrobeat legend.

Prince had other ideas though. Instead he handed Questlove a DVD of Finding Nemo essentially kicking him from the decks so he could play the movie instead.

“Wait did I just get fired and replaced by a cartoon fish?” Questlove said of the unusual circumstance.

Prince has never commented on the night but it’s hard to imagine that it’s not true, given that Prince has always been full of bizarre surprises.

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