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Image for ?uestlove Is Not Looking Forward To ‘Finding Dory’, And It’s All Prince’s Fault

?uestlove Is Not Looking Forward To ‘Finding Dory’, And It’s All Prince’s Fault

Written by Emmy Mack on November 11, 2015

“#EffThatFish” ?uestlove posted on Twitter today (likely referring to the animated yellow-finned star of Finding Dory and not veteran American pop sensation, Prince).

His salty outburst was triggered by the release of the first official trailer for Disney/Pixar’s highly-anticipated Finding Nemo sequel, which seemingly dredged up some not-so-fond memories for The Roots‘ drummer.

Venting on social media, ?uestlove unfolded a tale about how he was once fired by Prince, who it seems is a rather big fan of Pixar’s fishiest franchise:

So there you have it. A genuine Prince #lifehack: always keep a Finding Nemo dvd handy in case of emergencies, such as your DJ not being up to snuff.

Check out the first official trailer for Finding Dory, below.

Watch: Official Finding Dory Trailer

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